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A movement educator with over 45 years experience, I teach innovative movement programs in my studio Cats Pajamas on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada and Online Video Conferencing, inspiring and motivating people to live their life fully by finding their true authentic expression..
I also perform original dance pieces at novel locations on the island, and work as a community engagement facilitator.

For over 35 years, I have been studying and practicing the art of mindful movement, which is moving without placing undue stress on the body. After many years of sustaining numerous injuries as a dancer, I decided there must be a way to dance and live without so much pain. In 1983, I decided to take my Feldenkrais Method® teacher training after exploring numerous movement modalities. Discovering how to move with elegance, lightness and ease takes study. Since 2001, I have continued my training with Ruthy Alon, Senior Feldenkrais Trainer and creator of the Movement Intelligence Program. I am a Movement Intelligence Specialist and Senior Trainer teaching Bones for Life®, Chairs, Walk for Life, Mindful Eating and Solutions for Optimal Mobility. 

On June 23 and 24, 2018, I am teaching Ruthy Alon’s Movement Intelligence Solutions program in my studio on Salt Spring Island. As well, I am currently teaching Solutions for Optimal Mobility and Bones for Life online.  In December I begin teaching Mindful Eating online. I also teach weekly classes in my studio. I offer private sessions by appointment both in my studio and online, and I have an online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement audio series. 

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by Maggie Squires


“Anna is a true mover with a very good understanding of coordination. She teaches in a gracefully inspiring way.
I highly appreciate her teaching bearing such results. She fills my heart with joy.”

Ruthy Alon, Senior Feldenkrais® Trainer, creator of Movement Intelligence, Israel