In 2006, I studied the Sounder Sleep System with Michael Krugman, and received my teacher certificate. Since then my own sleep patterns have greatly improved and I offer Sounder Sleep System sessions by appointment to help others sleep better. 

I am a certified Pilates Teacher, taking my training with the Pilates PhysicalMind Institute Canada in 2012. Pilates, a body conditioning system that builds flexibility and long, lean muscles, as well as strength and endurance, is a good fit with all my other movement programs. The focus on dynamic stability and strengthening the core helps keep my joints in alignment, especially now as I get closer to entering into my sixth decade.

Improving the quality of our lives is directly related to the development of our awareness. When I teach, I focus on helping people to become aware of themselves, their movement, thinking and behaviour. When we organize ourselves to use our skeleton and musculature efficiently, we learn to move from “good enough” to gaining real expertise with our ability to support ourselves while moving through space. Many of us have had some kind of an injury and as a result, we maintain habits of movement and compensation that work against us. I help people to live and move with the support that creates joyful activity. 

Come to Cats Pajamas and find that joy!


Anna Haltrecht is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer, Movement Intelligence Specialist and Senior Trainer leading Bones for Life®, Walk for Life, Chairs, Mindful Eating Teacher and Solutions Mentor trainings, Certified Pilates Teacher, Sounder Sleep System™ Authorized Teacher and Dance Teacher.