What is it?

It is a system for connecting people via the intenet which allows them to use video, audio, instant messaging, and desktop "sharing" to communicate one on one or in groups. It lets you record conferences.


How to get connected.

To use the Zoom system all participating users will need a Zoom account. These can be had free of charge. Signing up may be done using your Google acount which, if you are already signed into Google on the computer, happens after you agree to allow Zoom access to Google profile information i.e. your Gmail address.

 The system requires that you have some software on your computer/device. When you sign up for the Zoom account you will be provided with the correct software for your PC or Mac. 

Lot more information can be found on the Zoom site

If you're using an IOS or Android device you get the application (still free) from the Store suitable for the device 

Help for devices:

Getting Started With Android

Getting Started With IOS