If you are new to this site let us take this opportunity to welcome you. If you want to register on the site simply click the button at the top-right hand corner of the window labelled  Log In.


Clicking that will take you to a form where you can provide your user name and password.

Now what was that name again?

If you lose track of the user name and/or password the recovery process is pretty simple and painless. There are links on the Log in form where you can request that reset information be sent to the email address you provided with your registration

Don't have an account yet? 

Clicking the Register now! link will take you to a form where you provide a bit of info the site will need:

  • User name

You pick this name, anything you like, make it easy to remember. It will be your log-in name.

  • Password

Again - anything you like and, most importantly, can remember. Please make it more than 8 characters.

If you want something very secure try this nifty online secure password generator.

  • Email Address

The email address and the password need to by entered twice. It seems like a bother but, at least with the password, you can't see what you're typing in that field so it's good way to prevent a typing slip from setting a different password than you thought you typed. The email address is visible as you enter it but the whole operation stalls if you put a wrong email in now. Thus the double check. There will be an acivation request sent to that address to confirm your registration.

  • The Captcha code is also required. Enter the characters in the slightly obscured picture. If you can't make them out click the little arrow circle next to the entry slot for a different code which might be easier to read. This prevents "robots" from registering.