"This is great work and I love your teaching of it."

- Jan Westwater, LMP, BFL Teacher

Anna teaches private Movement Intelligence sessions by appointment in her Salt Spring Island studio. 

Not on Salt Spring? Join Anna in the comfort of your own home to train in Ruthy Alon's Movement Intelligence programs online on Zoom video conferencing system.


In April I will to begin to teach Ruthy Alon's newest program, Solutions for Optimal Mobility, which guides participants in a wide range of innovative neuromotor processes designed to address a variety of issues.

Please advise Anna if you are interested in doing any of the following trainings:

Solutions is in 2 parts, 12 x 3 hour sessions per part, plus 4 x 3 hour sessions for the Didactic, plus homework, practice teaching and mentoring for full certification.
Mindful Eating, 12 x 2.5 hour sessions plus home practice and mentoring.
Bones for Life® integrated training: 32 sessions plus homework, and practice teaching.
Walk for Life Didactic training coming later in 2016. The Basic Training is 16 x 3 hour sessions plus walking outdoors with poles as homework. 
Chairs12 x 2.5 - 3 hour sessions. 

The Didactic Teacher Trainings for the Bones for Life, Walk for Life and Chairs programs are taught in 6-8 weekly two and 1/2 to three hour sessions online plus 2 hours per week work in pairs, or integrated into the curriculum.

Private sessions in the Feldenkrais Method and Movement Intelligence also available online.

Mentoring Sessions for those that have attended any Movement Intelligence programs - please inquire.

All of the Movement Intelligence programs empower participants to awaken their own, self-correcting intelligence, so that their organism is able to overcome its own functional failures with better options for efficient, coordinated action.

Solutions Part 1 addresses Feet, Arms and Shoulder Blades, Lower Back, Knees and Neck.
Part 2 focuses on 
Posture, Equilibrium, Hip Joints, Pelvic Floor, Squatting, and the Face.

Walk for Life gives you the opportunity to upgrade the quality of your movement coordination through focus on patterns of locomotion. The lessons are mostly done in an upright position - standing, sitting and walking. Walking with poles is also a part of the program.

Chairs is ideal for those who can’t get down to the floor easily or for those who need a break from traditional sitting. Chairs takes the basic Bones for Life protocol and translates it into sitting.

Mindful Eating is a way to cultivate a healthful relationship with food by learning strategies to retrieve your fundamental sense that knows what best supports life, what to eat and when to stop.

Bones for Life, Walk for Life and Chairs are Teacher Certification programs of Movement Intelligence. Mindful Eating and Solutions are Mentor Certification programs.

All these programs offer an expanded repertoire of skeletal ergonomic use for Somatic Educators. 

Class schedule:

Solutions: begins April 2016

Bones for Life l: February and March 2016 

Walk for Life: TBA

Chairs: TBA

Mindful Eating: TBA

The Didactic Teacher Trainings - Solutions integrated into Basic Program

Movement Intelligence Trainer Training: Taking place now. Please inquire for the next one. 



Anna is clear in her presentation, has good pacing and is able to see what we are doing well enough to make helpful comments to us. Movement Intelligence can be excellently taught via online. This is great material and this format makes it accessible to many more students. I feel very good about the way that Anna teaches via videoconference. Everything is clear and easy to follow. 

- Viana Daven, LMP, Bones for Life, Walk for Life and Chairs Teacher