Ruthy Alon wearing the Bones for Life crown

Movement Intelligence encompasses all the programs created by Ruthy Alon, including Bones for Life®, Walk for Life, Chairs, Mindful Eating and Solutions for Optimal Mobility. Ruthy Alon is a Senior Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method®. She is one of the original 13 Israelis that Moshe Feldenkrais trained. Ruthy travels and trains teachers the world over promoting her Movement Intelligence programs to the larger public.

In her mature years, she is a living model of the effectiveness of what she is teaching as demonstrated by her youthful movement which she says is getting better every year.




Movement Intelligence recognizes the human organism’s ability to organize itself “organically” — elegantly and in its entirety, with spontaneously coordinated harmony — for optimal efficiency, maximal efficacy, and pleasurable, sustainable living. In line with the latest research on neuroplastcity, Movement Intelligence recognizes that overcoming physical limitations and dysfunctions is as much a matter of working with the “software” of the brain as with the “hardware” of the body.

Who benefits from Movement Intelligence?

People who want to stay active and flexible as they age
People who want to sustain high performance
People who want to improve posture, balance and breathing
People suffering from repetitive stress injuries
People with neurological conditions
People who want to restore function after an injury
People in chronic pain
People who want to reconnect with their natural abilities to move, think and feel

I continue to regularly train with Ruthy Alon. In May 2014, I trained with Ruthy in Israel and am now a Movement Intelligence Specialist and Senior Trainer. This means I can train Teachers and Trainers in all of the Movement Intelligence programs. I teach weekly classes and Teacher Certification Training programs in my studio on Salt Spring Island, and online.