Online via Zoom video conference

Fridays, 12:30-3:30 pm Pacific Time

Part l begins April 2018. We focus on a theme for each month with a break in the summer: April, May, June & Sept, Oct, Nov. Full schedule TBA.
Please contact Anna if you wish to take this program.

Part 2 will follow. See below for the themes. 

 My first Solutions group is just completing all the course material and I am making plans to start a new group.


Targeting self-care strategies for unravelling functional limitations

Restoring freedom of movement at any age

This is Ruthy Alon's newest program. Participants are guided in a wide range of innovative neuromotor processes designed to address movement problems such as lower back compression, upper back rigidity, hip joint alignment, stiff ankles and knees, deformed feet and toes, stiff or frozen shoulders, stiff neck, weak wrists, vulnerable balance, and asymmetry.
It is taught in 2 parts for a total of 120 processes. Each part has particular themes. All sessions are available as recordings if you have to miss a session.

Part 1: Feet, Arms and Shoulder Blades, Lower Back (this theme is done over 2 months as it has twice as many processes), Knees, Neck 

Part 2: Posture, Hip Joints, Equilibrium, Pelvic Floor, Squatting, Face

To each of these themes, Ruthy Alon applies Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais' integrative approach to functioning; exploring the reciprocal relationship between the area of suffering and its network of roots throughout the entire body for functioning as nature intended.

This is your opportunity to learn this valuable program from the comfort of your own home or office. The training is done on Zoom video conferencing - you don't have to travel or pay for accommodation!

Who is this program intended for?

* Health Professionals and Somatic Educators

* Anyone with a personal interest in learning how to address problems that limit their freedom of movement

* Graduates of other Movement Intelligence programs and Feldenkrais® Teachers who wish to deepen their level of comprehension and enrich their teaching tool-kit with practical self-care solutions and sophisticated strategies for helping others to move with ease.

What is Movement Intelligence Solutions?

All of Ruthy Alon's Movement Intelligence exercises empower participants to awaken their own, self-correcting intelligence, so that their organism is able to overcome its own functional failures with better options for efficiently coordinated action.

The Movement Intelligence teaching modality verbally guides people to carry out patterns of movement that are not used in one's personal repertoire of habits. Comparing different variations of movement options, people have the opportunity to detach from the limitation of automatic habits and restore autonomous judgment. Discovery of new insights awakens the biological intelligence to spontaneously opt for what better supports life. This self-trusting navigational process taps into the body's original sensory judgment, which we were all born with but might have become inactive.

Movement Intelligence Solutions focuses on learning self-care strategies for unravelling functional limitations. Sharpening the autonomous sensory compass empowers people to eliminate their functional failures on their own and improve their quality of life. Guiding people to master solutions independently is like teaching people how to fish, rather than giving them a fish. This way of sharing knowledge enables people to continue on their own and develop the gratified transformation, which takes them away from deterioration and toward the Biological Optimism that goes together with easily flowing natural movement.

What to expect:

  • An enjoyable learning environment that encourages questions and open exploration.
  • Straightforward and concise explanations, real-life applications.
  • Personal growth and discovery that never ends.
  • Inspiring insight you can apply immediately into your practice.

The Schedule

The Integrated program is in 2 parts. As well as class time with your Trainer, Anna Haltecht, there is "homework" and Small Group Mentoring sessions - home practice of the processes, and working in small groups to analyze and better understand the material. There is also time for practice teaching in the class sessions and small groups. Each person is encouraged to incorporate their learning into their personal practice as well as their professional practice. Contact Anna if you wish to know the full certification requirements to become a Movement Intelligence Solutions Mentor.

Part l begins April 2018, full schedule to be announced. 

Part 2 to follow.

You will need:

  1. Wrap: 7 meter length of cotton fabric, about 1 meter wide
  2. Weights: Pair of 1-2 pound ankle weights
  3. Mat
  4. Chair
  5. Journal
  6. Google account for creating, editing and receiving google docs, click here if you need to set this up:
  7. Video conferencing software and a computer, smartphone, or tablet to run it.
  8. A well-lit and quiet space where you can set up your camera so that it can see you from head to toe when you are standing against a wall and lying on the floor near a wall.

Written outlines of the Program Processes and recordings of the classes will be available online. 

When you have your computer setup completed and your fee is received you will be a member of the class!

click here to send me a message if you wish

Certification Requirements


2017 Fees

Payment plan is 6 payments of $225 USD each

2018 Fees




or mail cheques to:

Anna Haltrecht 
104 Langs Road
Salt Spring Island BC
Canada V8K 1N2


Cancellation/Refund policy:

Confirmed written notice more than 28 days prior to the start of the program, full refund minus deposit; less than 28 days prior to the start of the program no refund given.Withdrawal after the start of the program will result in complete forfeiture of tuition paid. Fees are not transferable or creditable to other programs except at organizer's discretion. In the event of program cancellation by the organizer, a full refund will be given. The organizer is not responsible for any other expenses incurred.