Anna sleeping with her sleep coach Snowball


Some people have no difficulty getting to sleep, and sleep soundly through the night however statistics show that one in every seven Canadians suffer from insomnia and has trouble going to sleep or staying asleep "most or all of the time”. This is often because their natural biological rhythms are disturbed by artificial environments and they lose their natural sleep/wake rhythm.

The Sounder Sleep System, created by Michael Krugman, helps to restore this key biological rhythm using movement and breath. I began my studies with Michael in 2006 to help me find solutions to improve my sleep patterns. It worked so well that I continued my studies and became a Sounder Sleep System teacher. 

Occasionally I teach a session online; next one is Sat Nov 11, noon to 1 pm Pacific time. Contact me if you would like to join us! And I will send you the Zoom link. Attendance is by donation.

  • Achieve deeper, more satisfying sleep
  • Fall asleep quickly and easily at bedtime 
  • Return to sleep on awakening in the night
  • Decrease anxiety during the day 
  • Better understand how the body and brain function in sleep
  • Improve your sleep and your well-being
  • Make your life more peaceful

Deep sleep creates a stronger immune system, better memory, and improved weight control.

Now teaching sessions by appointment: $80 private or $125 semi-private for 60-90 minutes 

 Cats Pajamas Studio, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada


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