“Anna is a true mover with a very good understanding of coordination. She teaches in a gracefully inspiring way.
I highly appreciate her teaching bearing such results. She fills my heart with joy.”

Ruthy Alon, Senior Feldenkrais® Trainer, creator of Movement Intelligence, Israel


"Thank you for yesterday's lesson. You are a magician, a hypnotist or a very good Feldenkrais instructor...perhaps all of those with emphasis on the latter.
It is quite amazing how small movements can make such large changes. My right ankle (and the left) feel quite 'normal'  - as if there was not a problem."
Paula Stanford, Feldenkrais student 

“I have been taking Movement Intelligence classes from Anna via online since she first started in January 2013. She listens and makes appropriate changes that deepen our experience so we get the most out of each lesson whether it's in the didactic or movement classes being offered. It's a joy to be with and learn from Anna. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn any of the Movement Intelligence classes. I've been surprised at how well taking the classes via video conference has worked out. Thank you Anna.” 
Viana Daven, LMT, Bones for Life®, Walk for Life and Chairs teacher, Seattle, USA

“Anna's classes online include a balanced mixture of theory and practice. Anna paces her lessons and we always feel appropriately challenged. She teaches with an enthusiasm and with a refined sense of humour. I recommend her online trainings without reservation.”
Peter Jenkins, Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Bones for Life®, Chairs, Walk for Life teacher, and Solutions Mentor in Training, Toronto, Canada

“I've taken Chairs and Walk for Life with Anna online and can tell you first hand that she is great. Anna is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and kind as a teacher.”
Debbie Mellor, Bones for Life and Walk for Life Teacher in Training, Mindful Eating Mentor

“The Walk for Life online course has been amazing and I've got so much from it. It has informed my practice and had a huge impact on my private Feldenkrais sessions with my clients. I love how Anna teaches; so insoiring. I learned so much”
Christine Cutbush, Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Bones for Life® teacher, Reflexologist, New Zealand

“Anna's teaching online is marvelous. Working with Anna brings back the spark of those days with Ruthy and treasured colleagues. Anna shows us important nuances and safety adaptations.  Those of us in her class love Anna's warm way of keeping us on track with just the right amount of demonstration and discussion. Since beginning the online classes with Anna, my teaching of Chairs and Bones for Life have become more and more interesting for me and my students.”
Katarina Halm, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Movement Intelligence teacher, Vancouver Canada

“I really appreciate your style of teaching; your calmness and openess allows students to participate and share in a way that allows new learning to occur." 
Marie-Paule Wiley, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Bones for Life® and Walk for Life Teacher in Training, Salmon Arm, Canada

“Taking the Chairs Didactic and Mindful Eating program online was a wonderful learning experience for me, the format enriched the learning as none other. I highly recommend Anna for her thoroughness and developed skill as a teacher which kept the online courses at a high level of inquiry. Anna is very true to the creator, Ruthy Alon, offering a real flavor of the work as put forth by Alon.”

"Now I am taking Solution online. I always enjoy your teaching!. You present a wonderful model for the work. It shows in the quality of the students you are certifying."
Heidi McGovern, PT, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Movement Intelligence Trainer, South Carolina, USA

"If you really want to throw yourself into Mindful Eating, then you should definitely consider this training. I've taken several online training courses with Anna and can tell you first hand that she is wonderful." - Debbie Mellor

"Thanks for being my mentor/teacher for this endeavor and journey. I really appreciate you!"Katherine Wieseman, PhD and GCFP, Walk for LifeTteacher, Sequim, WA USA

"I really enjoyed the weekend and meeting you. It was my first venture into a workshop of that nature and I can see I have lots to learn that will help me! Yesterday I felt more balanced at my tai chi class and found I was paying attention to things I hadn't before - kind of looking at things in a different way, a new awareness....it's all good!

It's a beautiful day here and I'm going to head out with my poles now. Take care and thanks again! Your energy is wonderful!!! "
Pat M, Vancouver, BC

"Anna's teaching is clear and concise and her lake-view studio, serene and nurturing.”
S.T., Washington, USA

"I have found Anna's Bones for Life Teacher Training to embody very deep and nurturing forms of movement training which complement my previous studies of Yoga and Feldenkrais. Anna's instruction made my studies a true pleasure. In addition to the well planned pedagogy she also packed our classes with lots of discussion, relaxation and fun."
Christine Elsey, Hatha Yoga Instructor

“Anna’s training is remarkable. Her relaxed and professional teaching style makes the material accessible and poignant. The material itself is profound, dynamic and safe. I highly recommend this education to anyone suffering tissue and joint pain as well as all professionals who work with such clients.”
Barry Davison, RMT, Certified Rolfer, Yoga & Movement Teacher, Vancouver

"Anna is an intuitive and focused practitioner. She brings sensitivity and a sense of lightheartedness into her skillful techniques which immediately assuage one's perception of the gravity of one's situation, and shifts the focus to healing."
Yvonne Jaques, Corrective Exercise Thearapist

"I still use the Sounder Sleep System techniques that I learned in Anna's workshop when I awaken in the night. They help me get back to sleep with ease."
Claire Pickering, Salt Spring Island

"Taking Anna’s Mindful Eating program online has been an amazing experience, just to be able to have a safe place to understand eating from the inside out. Having Anna’s facilitation was brilliant. It has changed my life with food dramatically. One of the areas that I have wrestled with is experiencing deep satisfaction around food & nourishment. The slow 12 steps that Anna took us thru grounded it inside of me so I have practical tools to have a whole different relationship with food. I can’t thank you enough."
Terry Nathanson, LCSW, Psychotherapist & Executive Coach

"I have been studying with Ruthy Alon since 2007 and only now have had the opportunity to study ME. I was very hesitant about this program. but I am very thankful I took it. I learned a tremendous amount, more that I ever expected. This program is very different from other programs that are out there, more about how to eat rather than what to eat. A great experience and I look forward to more."
Cathy Wright, Feldenkrais® Practitioner

"This training was highly recommended to me from a friend. It went beyond my expectations. I learned a lot, and wonderful to have a group to share with."
Ann Chan, Personal Counseling Services

"The online venue has been very intriguing and had worked very well. I have a lifelong interest in nutrition, and hearing that this program is about how to eat not what to eat, peaked my interest. So beyond brilliant. I enjoyed so much of it. I love Anna’s casual way of presenting the material, makes you feel so at ease and yet there is plenty of room for discussion, contemplation and making it your own. Anna created a comfortable safe place with others to have your vulnerable thoughts and say them out loud. I recommend it wholeheartedly to so many people. Thank you."
Martha Holschen, Feldenkrais® Practitioner