Please inquire if you are interested in attending the full Chairs program.
Chairs will be incorporated into the Salt Spring June 24 and 25 workshop.

The Chairs program is Bones for Life® translated into sitting.

The program shifts sitting in chairs from being degenerative into being a window of opportunity. Through a wide choice of short, and practical movement processes done sitting in a chair, standing by a chair or against a wall, you learn that it is possible to refresh harmonious movement coordination of the whole body and train in the weight-bearing alignment that promotes bone strength and efficient posture while sitting.

Chairs is ideal for those who can’t get down to the floor easily or for those who need a break from traditional sitting. 

Chairs is a Teacher Certification program of Movement Intelligence.

It also offers an expanded repertoire of skeletal ergonomic use for Bones for Life Teachers and other Somatic Educators.

You will need:

  1. 7 meter length of 100% cotton fabric, about 1 meter wide
  2. A pair of 1 lb. ankle/wrist weights
  3. An armless chair that can be put near a wall
  4. A computer or similar device with a microphone, a camera, and video conference softwareinstalled.
  5. A well-lit and quiet space where you can set up your computer-connected camera so that it can see you from head to toe when you are both standing and sitting in the chair.

Please let me know when we can try the sytem. To send me a message click here.

Once we have successfully tested the connection and your fee has been recieved you will be a member of the class!

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 Dates TBA 

12 weekly 2 1/2 hours classes