Private and Group Mentoring

* can be taken both for those continuing their training and for those beginning *
Private and Group Mentoring available by appointment, please inquire.

At Cats Pajamas Studio on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada and via video conferencing

Bones for Life Segment l and Solutions for Optimal Mobility training is available online starting in 2016, see the Bones for Life Teacher Certification Training online page and Solutions Mentor Certification Training online page.

Workshop in my studio on Salt Spring: June 25 & 26, 2016

 Movement Intelligence is an exercise program that promotes bone health, balance and coordination. You will learn to increase bone strength safely by improving postural alignment to train in bone building dynamic movement. The emphasis of the program is on organizing your skeleton into a safe, weight-bearing posture allowing you to perform a full range of activities with ease. You will also learn to walk efficiently with walking poles and eat with more pleasure with Mindful Eating.

A great all around program for Mindful Living! 

Movement Intelligence includes Bones for Life®, Walk for LIfe, Chairs and Mindful Eating. It is a series of easy to learn, pain-free exercises that, as well as stimulating the growth of bone, promotes elasticity of the bones. Movement Intelliogence was created by Ruthy Alon based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. 

Movement Intelligence

  • Intelligent fitness for safe and effective walking, running, weight training, dancing, yoga, Pilates, working in your garden, or any other activity you do, even cleaning your house.
  • Postural training from the inside out.
  • Personal ergonomics. Using yourself differently instead of just changing the environment.
  • Anti-osteoporosis/osteoarthritis. To a large degree both of these dis-ease processes are driven by ineffective movement and postural habits. Bone and joint health begins with quality, dynamic movement stimulation.

For the therapist/teacher, Movement Intellignece  provides a doorway for empowering students and patients for their own health and recovery. It benefits conditions such as osteoporosis, neck or back pain, joint challenges, compromised balance, and lethargy. The program also trains therapists in their own self-use and movement patterns, enabling health care professionals to engage dynamically in their profession longer and with greater ease.

Movement Intelligence classes systematically coach alignment throughout the body so that pressure from the ground provides the skeleton maximum benefits and minimal damage over a lifetime of use.

This program can be taken for personal education, continuing education credits, and teacher training certification.


Individual sessions by appointment


online via Zoom video conferencing


104 Langs Road,
Salt Spring Island,
British Columbia,

at the beautiful light-filled Cats Pajamas Studio overlooking lovely St. Mary’s Lake on sensational Salt Spring Island. Swimming is available at the private dock.


By ferry BC Ferries

By floatplane Saltspring Air

Please inquire if you need further information about travel.


It is advisable to book in advance. Lakeside Gardens Resort 

Please inquire if you need further information about accommodation.

Equipment needed

Wrap (7 meter length of cotton fabric, about 1 meter wide) - some available in the studio

Mat - some available in the studio

Walking poles - preferably adjustable and shock absorbent


Program Fees

Please inquire

Send cheques to:

Anna Haltrecht
104 Langs Road,
Salt Spring Island BC,
Canada, V8K 1N2

Cancellation/Refund policy:

Confirmed written notice more than 28 days prior to the start of the program, full refund minus deposit; less than 28 days prior to the start of the program no refund given.Withdrawal after the start of the program will result in complete forfeiture of tuition paid. Fees are not transferable or creditable to other programs except at organizer's discretion. In the event of program cancellation by the organizer, a full refund will be given. The organizer is not responsible for any other expenses incurred.